Football Surfaces


“The world’s number one sport has taken to synthetic sports turf.”

Not only is it fully supported by most governing bodies but is now accepted as a top playing surface all over the world. Rhino-Turf is the synthetic surface that will lead the way, ensuring quality of performance with durability and reliability.

Let’s look first at top use. Already different countries have football played in their top leagues, on synthetic turf, indeed Champions league and UEFA Qualifying matches regularly take place on synthetic turf!

So, clubs who are ready to adopt synthetic turf are benefiting from great playing conditions and can use the pitch far more than they can now: indeed, experience indicates over 1500 hours a season usage as against natural turf’s 150, or 10 times as much. Wouldn’t you like to have that kind of income coming in and more visitors to your facility?

Rhino-Turf is only sold as a fully installed system to ensure it meets the performance requirements fully from hand over day, fulfils all expectations and becomes your pride and joy.

International Football

VT40 / VT60

National Football


Social Football (Multi-Sport)

VT32 / HF30 / MT15