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Rugby as a sport was quick to adopt new generation IRB 3G Rugby Artificial Grass Surfaces for the development of the game. IRB Regulation 22 was introduced in 2003 to ensure that 3G surfaces replicate the playing qualities of good quality natural grass. Climatic conditions in many countries where the game is played mean natural grass surfaces become badly worn and unsuitable in winter. In countries where the game is developing these surfaces offer ideal solutions to those parts of the world where climate or resources make good quality natural grass pitches difficult or impossible to achieve. In future it is hoped that the development of multi-use artificial turfs, where rugby and association football can be played, will provide a potential solution to facility operators wishing to maximise the use of their facilities through community use and those struggling with stadium microclimates that make the maintenance and growth of natural grass difficult.

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The International Rugby Board’s One Turf programme was launched in December 2010 to redefine the use of artificial turf as a playing surface for Rugby and boost global Rugby participation.

For the first time a structure has been implemented to regulate and standardise the development, performance and maintenance of artificial turf worldwide through the appointment of Preferred Turf Producers and Accredited Test Institutes.

The One Turf programme is designed to ensure that the best possible performance standards and consistency is achieved while promoting the highest player welfare standards. It has been launched following an extensive collaborative research, testing and review process involving the RFU.

This document has been produced to provide a non-technical overview of the programme, which is detailed in IRB Regulation 22 (standard relating to the use of artificial Rugby turf), from concept to installation, maintenance and beyond as well as highlighting the clear long-term benefits of artificial turf installation.

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