Sports Centres





Rhino-Turf works as well under intense use as it does under occasional play, making it the ideal surface for commercial 5 a side centres, tennis centres or private back garden tennis courts. Of course you need the right type of surface to deliver the performance you want, and this is another area where the Rhino-Turf range wins.

Balancing the need for investors to achieve best value we match performance with price, without compromise. In fact Rhino-Turf goes a step further by guaranteeing the performance under heavy or light usage. Our long term approach to protecting our products ensures Rhino-Turf installations are not only of the highest standard but the end facility is looked after throughout its life.

But don’t expect a wide choice. Experience tells us what works, as have many people with synthetic turf facilities. We aim to keep things simple, straightforward and of course exceeding expectations. With a life time relationship based on a minimum 8 year guarantee reassurance as well as performance is our aim.

To find out more on how Rhino-Turf can help your sports facility perform better, please get in touch.