Rhino-Turf Offer




Only the best is good enough. Which is why:

  • Every Rhino-Turf sports surface is only installed by Rhino-Turf approved installers.
  • Rhino-Turf works with the most advanced shock pads as part of a performance driven system.
  • Rhino-Turf is only available through a select network of specialist sports contractors.

Rhino-Turf value cannot be beaten:

  • High quality yarns in a dense construction guarantees sports performance and best return on investment.
  • Rhino-Turf systems are tested to the highest standards and kept there by our maintenance company.
  • Long term recyclability or reuse is an essential consideration in the choice of materials used.

Rhino-Turf offers peace of mind:

  • Rhino-Turf’s “in house” consultancy service ensures you get the most appropriate surface and system for your needs.
  • Rhino-Turf carries out its own performance tests, verified by world leading test houses.
  • Rhino-Turf is the safe surface, the safe choice and safe partner for your sports needs.