Rhino-Turf Value




SERVICE: Personalized attention and complete immersion in every project is our prerogative while creating simplicity for our clients.

PRODUCT: Rhino-Turf is made by the largest global turf manufacturer. Made with machinery never older than five years, our customers receive the absolutely latest synthetic turf technology in the world. This is critical to its ability to withstand the elements and the wear and tear that comes from various sporting codes and weather.

INSTALLATION: The quality of the product is only half the equation, with the true value in the installation process. Rhino’s quality to this process adheres to a proven and detailed mandate, which separates us from the rest. Rhino-Turf does not leave quality to chance and we always make use of our in-house specialised Rhino-Turf installer (refer to details on Sports Surface Solutions below).

PLAYER WELFARE: When it comes to recreational or professional sport we always ensure we provide and promote a surface that will help ensure the safety of your stakeholders. We constantly seek the latest innovation and developments when it comes to shock-pads and complementary installations that support greater player welfare as well as recommend suitable maintenance to get the most out of your asset (refer to Sports Maintenance Services below).

ECO FRIENDLY: Every Rhino-Turf can be fully recycled at the end of its life and is not harmful to the local eco-system (refer to details on Xtraction below).

BRAND ENHANCEMENT: Rhino-Turf is associated with some of the world’s biggest sporting brands. When it comes to delivery on a project this helps ensure your surface stands out from the rest.