A football system by Rhino-Turf (artificial grass for football)




Artificial grass for football


“Rhino-turf’s system is where it all really happens, setting the Rhino-Turf artificial grass for football range apart from most other surfaces and turf providers.”

Specifically designed to either a mixture of social football, pro football or multisport performance, each variation of the system having slightly different characteristics for a slightly different playing feel at each level of the game.

The system comprises of 5 layers, the yarn, root zone, backing d-tex, top infill and base, the choices for which are daunting as there are many providers of varying quality and variations available of each.

This is where the Rhino-Turf system comes into play with a system which is developed by experienced designers to put together the most real feeling and looking turf, as well as the best performing Turf in the market today!

The Rhino-Turf System pile height for football

artificial-grass-system-v1aThe best performing pile height for professional football is at the 40mm mark as it provides the best characteristics to match the natural grass feel and performance for pro football, this height system is provided by our VT40 system.

If  5-a-side (social) football is the game, then our 50mm (VT50) and 32mm (VT32) ranges provide the best playing experience for the game, a slightly taller pile height for a slower paced game and slightly shorter pile height (VT32) for a faster paced game..

If multisport is important, we also have a range MT15 (15mm) and HF30 (30mm) on which hockey, tennis, cricket and netball can also be played as well as football.

To find out exactly which surface is best suitable it is always best to get some advice from one of our experts first however.

Root zone magic for 3G and 4G turf systems

artificial-grass-system-v1eA unique root zone layer integrated into the pile is part of Rhino-Turf VT range that makes the turf range truly stand out from other turfs in the market. It not only provides a more stable bounce and roll from the system but also cleverly helps keep the top infill layer from infill splash when in use, this means the surface maintains a consistent ball game and requires less maintenance in order to be an effective playing surface.

Best base choice for ball bounce

artificial-grass-system-v1bThe Rhino-Turf can be installed without base. However a quality base does help provide extra bounce to the system as well as a higher safe fall height. We have access to many base system providers and find that an 8mm-12mm base by a reputable base manufacturer to be the best choice for football.

Kindly talk to a Rhino-Turf adviser for more details.

Yarn quality to match the sport

artificial-grass-system-v1cWe find many manufacturers of turf providing some awful quality of yarns and passing it out as professional sports turf … we don’t think this is fair to the sport. The Rhino-Turf system only uses the highest quality yarn materials, shape and texture that looks and feels as close to natural turf as possible, as well as not fading in colour under the sun’s exposure and being durable up to and past its warranty period.

D-tex and infill

artificial-grass-system-v1dUsing the right infill for the sport is important to get the right type of feel on the surface and accurate ball bounce and roll. The backing D-tex is of a high enough quality to make the carpet durable under its warranty period.

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Some questions asked when considering rhino-turf system:

Is the system in accordance with quality institution specifications? – Yes, with the right base shockpad the system can achieve either a high quality specification performance.

Which system is right for me if football is my main sport and other sports will be played on the surface too? – If football is the main sport we recommend using our VT range of products as the grass type is perfect for the game of football, to know the exact product within the range that would suit you however we recommend consulting with one of our Rhino-Turf experts, get in touch.

Does the system come with a warranty? – Yes, most Rhino-Turf products come with a minimum warranty of 8 years.

Which system is best for 5-a-side football? – we have a couple of turfs available to match the game of social football including VT40, VT50, VT32, HF30 and MT15,  to know the exact product within the range that would suit you however we recommend consulting with one of our Rhino-Turf experts, get in touch.

Which system is recommended for official football matches? – the best turf system for football is our Rhino-Turf VT40, already in use by many premiership clubs we think it is the best choice for the best player performance, however we recommend consulting with one of our Rhino-Turf experts to be sure, get in touch.

Which system is best for football training? – there is a range of turf available for the training field, if you are already using our VT40 on your main field then we have turfs with slight variations to practice on to get a varied experience for the surface including VT50, VT60 and VT32, all capable of achieving an excellent surface for the game.

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