Artificial football surfaces






“Artificial football turf surfaces now outperforming other surface types, by a major milestone”

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, played mainly on grass surfaces by a whole range of children, adults, athletes and sports professionals.

Even though artificial football turf surfaces are relatively a new concept to the sport, artificial turf has taken the sports industry by storm, and is in great demand for both social and professional clubs as well as training surfaces for schools also.

The performance of the surface, compared to regular grass turf has been a success due to 3 key factors:

  • Lower overall maintenance costs
  • Consistency of play and performance throughout the year
  • An increase in surface quality and surface adoption by major manufacturers, installers and governing bodies

These factors have already seen many major sports organizations resurface to the new artificial turf with great success, some opting to install brand new sports training systems around the turf system, completely transforming the playing experience of the venue.

Artificial sports turf surfaces by Rhino-Turf are the future for any sport facility club or school when reducing long term costs, and significantly improving the sports organizations’ value, usage up-time and playing performance.

View some testimonials from leading sports organizations already using the Rhino-Turf system click here.


Some questions asked when considering artificial football surfaces:

Is the surface suitable for young adults? – with the right choice of base and top fill, the system can achieve  a 1.2metre safe fall height to significantly reduce risk of injury.

Can other sports be played on the surface? – nearly all systems from Rhino-Turf cater for 2-3 sports, the choice of sports vary from system to system however sports combinations like football / rugby, football / hockey, hockey / tennis / cricket are available.

Is there any way to increase value for money? – the system comes with a plethora of options including turf colour options, logo / branding options, line marking types and more … best to ask a consultant for more details on how to get the surface customized to your particular needs.

Does the surface come with a warranty? – an installation by an official Rhino-Turf partner which is maintained under proper guidelines typically comes with a 5-8 year warranty under regular usage conditions, simply put the system is made to last this period with ease and excellent value for money for this reason!

Which sports can the system cater for? – the system is designed to cater for multiple sports at one time, with many combinations of rugby, football, hockey, tennis, cricket, golf and netball  also.

How will the surface effect my sports facility usage? – due to the quality feel of the surface, coupled with a real grass look and consistent play performance throughout the year, most sports facility installation by Rhino-Turf have seen an increase in usage by up to 10 times much, due to the usage not being seasonal based and the surface can be used in winter also!

Is the turf surface fully tested? – yes the system is fully approved and tested to be used with the specific sport.

Have other clubs shifted to the artificial surface? – many major clubs have adopted the surface into their stadium field already as well as providing a suitable training area for their squads  that can be used all year around. Some examples of clubs already on-board can be found click here.

How have the players reacted to the new surface? – We have found the reaction to the artificial football surface from many players to be a very positive one, in the feel of the surface, quality and most importantly performance also. Testimonials can be found click here.

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