What is rhino artificial football turf?




Artificial football turf?

“The rhino artificial football turf system is an artificial turf system designed

with the game of football in mind, developed by world leading designers and engineers specifically to accomplish key football performance objectives.”

What the turf system accomplishes:

  • Top quality performance
  • Increased player performance
  • Increased surface usage times
  • An appropriate warranty period
  • A decrease in long term costs of maintenance
  • The option to obtain IRB and/or FIH approval

What does this mean for performance?

The system looks and feels just like regular turf to begin with, which is important as most professional football is played on regular grass, the artificial football turf system with the right choice of base, yarn and infill technology accurately simulates ball roll and bounce for football to keep player performance on the surface consistently at the best of its game.

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Rhino-Turf vs other artificial sports turf providers

The Rhino-Turf system is the joint accomplishment of designers and developers with over 25 years’ experience in the

sports artificial turf industry using some of the world’s most advanced machinery and manufacturing technology

available as well as adhering to proper testing and approval procedures make Rhino-Turf systems one of the

most technically advanced and highest quality turf system in the market today.

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Some questions asked when considering rhino artificial football turf:

Should I install Rhino football turf at my school? – Football is one of the most popular sports in the world and especially for young adults who want to keep fit and learn to team play at school also. Our football turf system is one of the best and most advanced surface types you can buy in the market and will provide a wonderful experience of the game for all the students.

Should I install Rhino football turf at my sports centre? – One of the most popular pass times for young adults and adults is 5-a-side football and Rhino-Turf provides the best surface to experience the game of football. We have found that the average usage of the surface may increase to over 1000% when using a quality surface like Rhino-Turf.

Should I install Rhino football turf at my football club? – The surface of the future of football we like to call it, Rhino-Turf is specifically designed to increase player performance, increase the period the surface can be used for and cut down on maintenance costs for the club … we think it is a winner, test it for yourself at one of our installations at Brentford FC, Chelsea FC, Bournemouth FC or get in touch.

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