“The world of hockey plays on synthetic turf and has done for years.”

In the UK we have moved towards better quality surfaces and increased durability, but most hockey artificial pitches remain dual use, either with low level football or tennis as the second sport. This means a sand dressed product and Rhino-Turf has ensured that in such cases the game of hockey is not compromised.

For international and top club level a fully synthetic surface offers the best hockey performance meeting Global governing body standards, and Rhino-Turf offers an approved system where durability and performance sit hand in hand.

Both Rhino-Turf HF18 and Rhino-Turf HFWB have been installed to meet hockey standards and have obtained accreditation from governing bodies where necessary.

Hockey Interntional (FIH Global)


Hockey National (FIH National)


Social Hockey (Multi-Sport)

HF30 / VT32 / MT15