Easigrass conquer the Channel Islands

Easigrass Guernsey 1024x765 edited


Jerry Gallienne (Operational Director) and Tomas Wilkins (Head of Easigrass Guernsey)

Easigrass, the UK’s leading Artificial Grass company, are delighted to announce the introduction of Easigrass Guernsey into the Easigrass National Franchise Network.  Guernsey Gardens the largest, most reputable and most successful landscaping and plant supply business on the island have invested in taking the Easigrass brand onto the island of Guernsey.  Easigrass continue to grow so they are able to provide their large customer base with a professional five star service no matter where they are located on both mainland UK and across the world.

For more details kindly visit: www.easigrass.com.