Easigrass recommended by Award Winning Designer



Diarmuid Gavin, who is a multi-award winning Garden Designer and a famous Television Presenter having presented a number of BBC television programmes including ‘Gardeners World: Home Front’ alongside Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. He has also made appearances on the Channel Four show ‘Come Dine With Me’, the incredibly popular BBC ballroom show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and most recently the celebrity diving competition show hosted by Olympic Medallist Tom Daley ‘Splash’.  Gavin is a regular columnist for the UK paper The Mirror in the lifestyle and gardening section. He recently wrote a piece titled ‘Faking it: Tips for lazy Gardeners’ and he gave Easigrass a glowing recommendation.  ‘There’s a company called Easigrass.



It manufactures wonderful but, wait for it… artificial turf, and it will fit it for you too.

There’s an easy solution – no need to mow the lawn because it looks green all year round, and Easigrass really knows its……’

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