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The Centaurs Field of Dreams (CFD) was ready for use at the end of September 2012. The first feedback came from schoolkids and parents from Tanglin Trust School who were using it for rugby and Touch training: “Fabulous”, “lovely”, “bouncy” and “Centaurs will do very well out of this pitch” were just some of the comments.

Its first real test was a senior ‘showcase’ match between a Singapore Barbarians XV and a Singapore National Select XV on 29th September. A good turnout of over 100 people watched the Baabaas win 40-15. All those players who were asked said the pitch played very well and enjoyed the experience.

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Since then U12s, U13s, U14s and U18s have played matches and festivals and on these occasions not only were injuries very few to non-existent but also the rugby flowing and enjoyable. The Singapore Rugby Union has block booked the field for its National leagues and to date a couple of early season matches have taken place. Apart from the extreme storm conditions forcing the cancellation of the last of 3 games, those who did play were impressed with the playing surface.

The pitch has endured extreme storm conditions on two occasions. The pitch drained as well as it could but succumbed to blockage in the external run-off drains. Once the drains were cleared and the rain stopped, the pitch itself was soon clear of sitting water.

All-in-all and so far during these early days, we are delighted with the product and certainly foresee it providing Singapore rugby with an outstanding surface to assist the on-going development of rugby on the island.

Centaurs RFC in Singapore has over 600 players up to the age of 18, but struggled to provide a proper natural surface for the club to coach players on. Rhino-Turf CM60 was chosen as the surface to provide many solutions. The pitch was built from new, in the shadow of the main stand at Turf City, the old horse racing track. It features an elastic rubber pad, underneath the Rhino-Turf CM60 surface. The pitch is marked out for both football and rugby, meeting the highest performance standards in both sports.