The Turf Muncher

turfmuncher in action

turf muncher

With over 40 fields successfully lifted and many re-laid elsewhere the Turf Muncher is a proven success in the US. Under the management of Xtraction Services the Turf Muncher has now lifted its first field in the UK, at Newcastle RGS. The success of the operation was total, with approximately 70% of the turf being lifted, rolled then re-laid elsewhere, with the remaining 30% being sent for recycling. The sand infill, extracted as part of the process, was spread onto sports fields as part of a drainage programme.

In the US the majority of fields lifted are 3G with high sand and rubber content. This is successfully bagged, separated and cleaned ready for reuse, whilst the old turf finds a new home and a new life. Early indications are that the Turf Muncher is not low cost, but, uplifting the right surface can more than pay for itself through secondary use of the old pitch. What is not in doubt is the environmental story that goes with the Turf Muncher. And with nearly 3000 fields in the UK, the machine will be very busy over the next few years.

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