London Irish RFC

London Irish Football Club commissioned MJ Abbott Ltd to install a Rhino-Turf synthetic surface at the new Hazelwood Training Centre development.

We had a requirement for an all-weather training facility, to alleviate the amount of wear and use on the natural pitch surfaces, particularly during the wettest times of the winter. We have had poor experiences with synthetic turf in the past and were looking for a product which was superior, simulated real turf conditions and most importantly was not going to jeopardise player welfare.

Through our own research and upon MJ Abbott’s recommendation, Rhino Turf was our preferred choice carpet manufacturer. We found a good match for our requirements in the Rhino-Turf VT60 product, which features a fibrous rootzone layer in the base of the carpet. We took confidence that the surface would be suitable for our needs, from positive feedback received by Chelsea Football Club, where Rhino-Turf VT product is used on a first team training area.

The immediate feedback from our own coaching staff and players is that the surface is fantastic. The carpet is as close to natural turf as you can get and allows our teams to practice and perform at a high level. As the synthetic surface is in between two natural pitches, colour was another important feature for us. Everyone has commented on how “grass like” the pitch is. The colour and texture of the Rhino-Turf VT product is the most realistic artificial turf we have played on.

Our experience with Rhino-Turf has been extremely successful and I would not hesitate to recommend MJ Abbott Ltd together with Rhino-Turf to other sporting organisations.

Executive Chairman, London Irish Rugby Club


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