Rugby Turf


“In a perfect world rugby and football would be played on the same surface, Rhino-Turf has produced a OneTurf designed surface to fully meet both sports requirements.”

This means that clubs and schools can choose a rugby artificial sports turf surface knowing that it has extra possibilities for dual use with football, and even American Football and GAA sports. Quality and performance standards have been established by football and rugby Governing Bodies, which Rhino-Turf exceeds, making it perfect for stadium facilities.

Rugby adds in an extra requirement of safety and this is supplied by the shock pad beneath, which only enhances the long term performance for football. First and foremost Rhino-Turf offers a firm footing and resilience when needed, either for matches or training sessions, and ensures players feel secure to focus on their game. Whether for matches or training players feel safe when they play on Rhino- Turf, and through Rhino Rugby the range of scrum and training equipment that can be used ensures maximum usage from your area.

Rugby Interntional (IRB ONETurf)