“With a market predominantly based around education and local authority use, and clubs who need to offer more than one sport to qualify for grant money, within most European countries only one sport is played on a pitch.”

This becomes a challenge when more than one sport is played on a artificial sports surface and certain sports are not compatible on the same length of grass, yet performance is still required. Rhino-Turf has developed products that meet different sporting combinations, meet global standards and can be considered truly multi-sport.

First and foremost we try to understand what sports are required from a particular surface and facility. We then ascertain which sport takes preference and focus on delivering the best we can, understanding that the second and often third sports need consideration. This may come in novel line marking, the use of different colours to highlight goal areas or by the addition of a specific shock pad.

Football / Social Hockey


Hockey / Social Football


Cricket / Tennis / Bowls / Netball / Hockey