Rhino-Turf promises STRENGTH IN PERFORMANCE, but we need your help.

Without a commitment to maintaining your facility and protecting your investment, there is always a danger that outside influences can affect performance. That is why Rhino-Turf surfaces come, not only with a maintenance guide, but an individually planned regime. Over 30 years of synthetic turf use shows that pitches maintained regularly will last longer and play better. Rhino-Turf monitors all surfaces provided during the guarantee period, and will advise on maintenance as part of the on-going service.

On completion of your Rhino-Turf pitch a maintenance manual is presented, including an online logbook option. As part of every Rhino-Turf pitch maintenance standard tests are carried out to ensure and guarantee performance is met.

Disposing or waste

Sledge collection

Decompacting pitch

Brushing the pitch

Levelling the pitch

To find out more about our maintenance services please get in touch with a Rhino-Turf expert.


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