Football on synthetic turf – ACT NOW!

Every year around this time the weather deteriorates and pitches suffer, yet owners and managers don’t listen to the wise groundsman who will caution against using the pitch. In fact the groundsman is often overruled as the match must go on for a variety of reasons. These could include player availability, position in the league, fixture congestion or simply be for financial reasons.

Natural turf will not cope with such extra use this time of year. Playing on grass when it freezes at night could kill the turf for the rest of the season. Playing when it is too wet can turn it to mud, very quickly, making it unplayable in future weeks. Yet the answer for such dilemmas is staring us in the face. For grounds where usage must go on, then synthetic turf is the obvious solution.

For Premiership clubs or pitches of that standard where under soil heating, excellent drainage and proper grounds management is followed, perhaps the pitch may survive, certainly the grounds team will do their best. But further down the leagues now is the time to really consider another look at synthetic turf.

Already proven in extreme climates such as Scandinavia and Russia at top league level, games can only go ahead in volume with a synthetic pitch. The same applies at training grounds. Most Premiership clubs have synthetic pitches and many also indoor facilities. Perfect! Train on the synthetic and leave the natural turf alone. It will only be better when the weather improves.

Rugby is grasping synthetic turf with pitches about to open at Widnes and next summer at Saracens. These clubs will play league matches on synthetic in their new stadiums. Why does football not follow suit, apart from some enlightened non-league teams further down the league structure? In fact it makes a mockery when so many clubs are struggling financially, to risk your main source of income due to pitch unavailability.

So if you want more information I suggest you talk to clubs with pitches at their training grounds and imagine how such a pitch could work for you in your stadium. There are now proven brands such as Rhino-Turf, capable of transforming football and rugby stadiums and training grounds, so act now and ensure this is your last winter suffering from poor or unavailable pitches.

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