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Rhino-Turf is an aspirational rhino grass product for owners, managers and most importantly players. What makes it different is that the range is small, precise and exciting. Each Rhino-Turf product is installed by Rhino-Turf installers to the highest standards to ensure excellent performance and solid value Strength in Performance.


The most important part of any installation is the quality of the fitting. Rhino-Turf surfaces are installed …

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Rhino-Turf promises STRENGTH IN PERFORMANCE, but we need your help.Without a commitment …

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Professional recycling & rellocation services. RECYCLING – Every Rhino-Turf product can be …

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International Sports Compliance


Testing is an essential step in the construction of a newly built pitch.

A final test certificate signs off the field and gives our clients peace of mind that their new surface is installed to the highest standards and is safe for the players.

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