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Professional recycling & rellocation services.

RECYCLING – Every Rhino-Turf product can be fully recycled at the end of its life. But Rhino-Turf offers even more, thanks to the Turf Muncher as a professional Turf Recycling service provider.

RELOCATION – For your existing synthetic turf the Turf Muncher will lift the surface and separate infill materials. These are bagged and can be reused or cleaned as appropriate. The remaining surface is rolled into 4m wide rolls, and depending upon its quality, can be re-laid elsewhere, (overseas markets such as Bulgaria have taken second hand surfaces) or sent for recycling.

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recycling rhino turf v1a
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To find out more about our turf recycling and turf relocation services please get in touch with a Rhino-Turf expert.


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