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Performance pad or shock pad layer

The use of a shock absorbing performance layer underneath an artificial grass sports surface assists in the performance and durability of the entire system. Many clubs and schools choose to use a Artificial Grass Base Material in their system in order to enhance the performance of the pitch and to offer increased safety for the players. Performance pads are obligatory for Rugby pitch systems in order to meet World Rugby safety requirements

The addition of a shock pad within a football pitch system will ensure that the surface performs at its best for longer. At Rhino-Turf we have systems tested with a variety of shock pads to meet differing safety and performance requirements. 

A shockpad is important to maximise the performance and longevity of an artificial grass surface, it acts to slow down the infill compaction and provides shock absorption which, in turn, increases the performance levels of the pitch and reduces injuries associated with hard ground. 

Shock pads and performance pads vary in specification:

Insitu pads otherwise known as an E-layers

An insitu pad (E-layer) is a poured rubber pad applied seamlessly with a specialist machine. The SBR rubber and binder are mixed on site and then applied to either a tarmac base, a concrete base or a dynamic stone base. The rubber layer dries to form a perfectly seamless pad ready for the turf system to be installed on top.  Using the lastest laser technology and most advanced machinery we can produce a high quality finish to complement the installation of the artificial grass.

Shockpads Instu Pads E Layer v2a
Shockpads Instu Pads E Layer v3a

Prefabricated shock pads

Prefabricated performance/shock pads are made from different forms of expanded foam, many of which are made from recycled materials. The shocks pads are delivered to site in rolls or in large rectangular panels. If a roll system has been chosen the pads are rolled out on top of the base and then tape is used to bind the rolls together. If the panel system has been chosen then the rectangular pads are simply laid next to each other and clipped together in a jigsaw format.

Shockpads Instu Pads E Layer v1a

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