“Golf is the latest sport to embrace the benefits of artificial turf.”

Driving ranges are every Golf Club Superintendent’s nightmare as they are almost impossible to keep in perfect condition. Driving ranges and Tees are constantly being thrashed by golfers practising their drives and as a result the grass is continuously being torn up, even Mini Golf Turf ranges.

The solution is to move the Tee line backwards and forwards and hope that the grass recovers quickly. The other solution is to install a synthetic turf driving Tee. This will give the golfers somewhere to retreat to whilst the natural grass is recovering. All over the world more and more 9 and 18 hole golf course are being built entirely in synthetic turf, especially in areas where water is scarce.

Maintenance is also dramatically reduced. We are able to supply products for greens, fairways and approach shots. All of our synthetic grass golf products are manufactured using the latest technology and the most resilient nylon yarns available on the market.


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