“Rugby has always been at the beating heart of Rhino-Turf.”

Rhino-Turf was first conceived with a mission in mind to create the finest synthetic rugby surface on the market. Perfecting a synthetic rugby product requires extensive knowledge combined with the most sophisticated materials. Knowing how to combine these materials to have the greatest impact on the product and therefore the game is all down to the vast experience of the team learnt over 3 decades in the industry.  Once the initial Rugby Turf product was created this was followed by years of researching, testing and adjusting. Rugby Turf has to be the precise combination of softness and resilience and with our VT60 we have created a best-in-class rugby turf. 

Our VT60 product is an unparalleled synthetic turf surface for rugby. Our Turf exceeds all quality and performance standards that have been established by both football and rugby governing bodies The rugby products can meet World Rugby certification criteria ensuring the highest performing and safest of playing surfaces. The VT60 is also a dual sports product as it can be used as a football surface as well. As a dual-sports turf clubs and schools are able to maximise the use of the pitch knowing that it is suitable for both sports. 

Our rugby pitch systems add an extra dimension of safety with the use of shock pad beneath the turf. The shock pad can be either a prefabricated foam layer or a wet pour rubber e-layer. The shock pad is critical for rugby due to the high contact nature of the sport. A pitch will only be certified with the correct shock pad professionally installed. The shock pad also increases comfort and safety for the players if they are playing football on the pitch. 

Player welfare is our primary concern when designing our rugby products however this is followed closely by the requirements of the club owner. A synthetic rugby pitch needs to be easy to maintain as well as hard wearing. With this in mind we can supply your facility with cost effective equipment for regular in-house maintenance. This is a quick process and will keep the pitch in optimal condition. Our products are designed and tested in the UK to ensure that they are resilient and hard wearing. 

 Our mission is to make sure that whenever a player is on a Rhino-Turf field, whether it’s during a match or a training session, they feel secure, relaxed and uninhibited ensuring that they can concentrate on their game.

case studies london irish rfcfeatured“The immediate feedback from our own coaching staff and players is that the surface is fantastic. The carpet is as close to natural turf as you can get and allows our teams to practice and perform at a high level.”

Executive Chairman, London Irish Rugby Club
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