VT60, The ‘One Turf’ For Football And Rugby Pitches

When the Rhino-Turf range was designed a 60mm product was developed to meet the dual requirements of football and rugby pitches, creating the One Turf that Steve Griffiths from the WR advocates. Early testing was promising with the surface passing both football and rugby standards, in the lab, on a variety of pads including Brock, re-bounce and Pro Play.

BLc-Newsletter-Feb2013The intention of the curly support yarn to hold the infill in place has significantly reduced the rubber splash associated with many 3G surfaces. Now, with a number of pitches installed the product stands out as a high quality, visually attractive, hard wearing synthetic turf.

The new pitch at Woodhouse Grove School will take the One Turf concept a stage further, with the addition of Rugby League usage to the football requirements of Bradford City and the school’s own Rugby Union needs.

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