Leading Sports Turf

Rhino-Turf is a leading sports turf brand, installed and managed by sports clubs and schools around the world.
Hockey Turf
High performance FIH compliant surfaces for schools, sports centres and professional hockey clubs.
Cricket Wickets
Synthetic wickets are hard wearing and retain their high level ‘playability’ without a huge amount of maintenance or cost.

Welcome to Rhino-Turf

Rhino-Turf presents the most technically advanced range of artificial sports turf surfaces for sports. Our products are designed in the UK by British experts in association with the world’s leading manufacturer and worldwide governing bodies including FIFA, FIH and World Rugby.

The Rhino brand has been synonymous with player preparation and performance for over 25 years and draws on this heritage to offer the very best grass surface systems. Rhino-Turf is an aspirational product for owners, managers and most importantly players. Our range is small, precise and exciting.


Rhino-Turf installations are overseen by world class professionals who ensure that our surfaces meet the highest international standards, perform beyond expectations and above all else, are safe.

Quality Assurance

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