“Our Rhino-Turf HF range of products are manufactured using a texturised yarn.”

Texturised is anther way of describing a ‘curly’ yarn however texturised is the term used in the synthetic grass industry. 

This texturised yarn starts its life as a straight yarn. The yarns then go through a heating process to effectively shrink the fibres and turn them curly. This texturised profile creates a totally different playing surface to a normal artificial grass pitch where the grass fibres are straight and stand tall. 

The most significant difference in these texturised surfaces is that this HF yarn creates a totally flat surface, prefect for the roll of a ball.  Our HF products allow the ball roll to be true, fast and consistent and as a result our HF products are the perfect hockey surfaces.

Not only are our HF products ideal for hockey they also serve as versatile multi-sport surfaces for, tennis, golf and recreational football use. 

Rhino-Turf HFWB

Professional Hockey

Rhino-Turf MT15

Multisports / Cricket / Golf

Rhino-Turf HF18


Rhino-Turf HF30

Hockey / Football

Curly Structure

HF yarn is versatile and apart from providing an attractive surface for Hockey, is an excellent product for tennis and golf, whilst its incredible resilience means it can cope with heavy, recreational football use. HF yarn retains its softness whilst matching the hockey performance previously only achieved by expensive water based nylon.


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