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Installation Standards

At Rhino-Turf we are able to ensure that our new surfaces are installed to the highest standards wherever the pitch is located around the globe. We also recognise that it is not possible to achieve pitch perfection with a product alone. It is a pointless exercise investing in a high-end product if the installation is not carried out correctly by trained professionals. Creating the ultimate pitch that performs well, stands the test of time and is above all safe, is a combination of product selection and installation methods. This is especially true if the surface needs to be tested to International standards.

In order to guarantee that any new Rhino-Turf surface is installed properly our senior installer will over see the installation wherever it is in the world (we often work in extremely remote areas). Our technician will work with the local team as well as teach them some key installation techniques thereby enhancing their skills in the process, adding extra value for the client and contractor.

Service Advantages

Decades of Experience

After three decades of refining, adapting and improving our installation methods we are also able to complete our installations extremely quickly. On most sports projects there is a very tight deadline, our speed of installation gives our clients peace of mind that we will get the job done perfectly and on time, every time.


Rhino-Turf surfaces are meticulously installed by our highly skilled technicians, raising the bar on international standards.