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Educational Environments

Rhino-Turf synthetic grass has been designed for heavy usage and is perfectly suited to an educational environment where multiple users of varying abilities and ages may be playing.

Although Rhino-Turf products are extremely resilient, quality of performance is not sacrificed for durability. We have designed our yarns and our products to be hard wearing yet soft to touch.

An artificial grass pitch at a school generally needs to cater for more than one sport in order to maximise the usage of the pitch. We focus on ensuring that the top sport (the one most regularly played) is given priority however we will tailor a system to suit your requirements ensuring the surface is suitable for your school.

Turf Advantages

University Level

At Universities, where a single sport use often dominates, choosing a system, based on player performance, becomes much easier with Rhino-Turf. Our range is simple, easily understood and fully tested. Occasional users get to play on the best surfaces just like the first team players.

Playing and learning sport at junior school is a key influence on a child’s future sporting life and abilities. Rhino-Turf adds to the experience by offering a fantastic choice for playgrounds and play areas for your young ones and most importantly a safe one!


Our experience with Rhino-Turf has been incredibly positive and we have no hesitation in recommending Rhino-Turf.