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Quality & Service

SERVICE: The entire Rhino-Turf team ensures a highly personalised service and complete immersion in every project whilst, at the same time, creating a simple, streamlined process for our clients.

PRODUCT QUALITY AND MANUFACTURING: Rhino-Turf products are never made with machinery older than five years ensuring our customers receive artificial turf manufactured using the latest technology available.

INSTALLATION: It is important to remember that that quality of the product is only half the equation with true value also in the installation process. We have always understood this and have therefore tailored our offering to make sure that the critical job of a perfect installation is handled by us as well.


When it comes to recreational or professional sports, providing a surface that ensures the safety of the players is our number 1 priority. We constantly seek the latest innovation and developments in shock-pads and complementary installations in order to support greater player welfare.

Branding & Recycling

ECO FRIENDLY: Every Rhino-Turf can be fully recycled at the end of its life and is not harmful to the local eco-system.

BRAND ENHANCEMENT: Rhino-Turf is associated with some of the world’s biggest sporting brands. When it comes to delivery on a project this helps ensure your surface stands out from the rest.


Peace of Mind


Rhino-Turf’s “in house” consultancy service ensures you get the most appropriate surface and system for your needs.


Rhino-Turf carries out its own performance tests, verified by world leading test houses.


Rhino-Turf is the safe surface, the safe choice and safe partner for your sports needs.

International Sports Compliance

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