Recycling Turf Recycling | Astro Turf Recycling

Environmental Consideration

Our recycling process facilitates a revolutionary change to the end of life policy for synthetic playing surfaces. It allows the upgrade of old hard sports surfaces with reclaimed turf and leads to a reduction in costs of new installations through credits for the re-use or re-sale of reclaimed infill and turf.

Further benefits include positive corporate publicity linked to the donation of reclaimed materials for community use and certification for recycling.

The process ensures reduced carbon emissions through lower material processing and transportation costs. It also aids the avoidance of environmental and social costs linked to the current practices of land filling and field tipping.

We are a member of Carpet Recycling UK. As such we can assist your company’s environmental positioning to meet sustainability standards

Service Advantages

With an Xtraction Partnership

A one stop shop for all your refurbishment needs, a green solution to a green problem with a green payback true value of the process is that it reduces environmental costs.


Professional reclamation, relocation, recycling and refurbishment services.