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The Focal Point

We have therefore concentrated our research and development on these clubs in order to deliver unrivalled synthetic turf surfaces.

It is imperative the pitches at a professional sports club meet the absolute highest standards for synthetic turf surfaces. Meeting these standards will reflect on the performance of the players and ultimately the results of the club. The pitches will also meet the highest safety requirements protecting the players who independently hold huge value to the club. A first team player being injured can dramatically affect the results of the team, a Rhino-Turf surface will reduce this risk.

The Rhino-Turf artificial turf range is laser focused with products designed for these top tier sports clubs. We encourage all of our synthetic grass systems to be tested and approved by the relevant governing body for that sport.

Accreditated Surfaces

Owner & Players

We have spent years talking to club owners and club players in order to develop our products. The Rhino-Turf range for professional sports clubs focuses on high performance, extra durability and low maintenance.

We’ve tried and tested hundreds of product designs and we now believe that our knowledge and experience has led us to create the finest sports products on the market.

We encourage everyone to aspire to greater performance and Rhino-Turf is the inspiration that can make the difference.


Strength in Performance