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We supply high performance International Football compliant surfaces for schools, sports centres and professional football clubs.

Artificial grass pitches are far from being a new concept however synthetic turf has recently taken the football industry by storm as modern products are a huge improvement from those in the 1980s and 1990s. Playing football on artificial grass is now fully supported by FIFA and is being used as a playing surface by top-flight football clubs all over the world.

Artificial turf surfaces are the future for any sports facility club or school when attempting to reduce long-term costs, choosing the right football grass suppliers, improve usage times and ensure and high level of surface performance.

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Turf Advantages


Key Benefits

These factors have already seen many major sports organisations resurface their pitches with new artificial turf. Artificial grass has become extremely popular recently due to 3 key factors:

  • Lower overall maintenance costs
  • Consistency of play and performance throughout the year
  • A massive increase in surface quality due to advancement in product manufacturing technology

The System

Rhino-Turf provides a football experience which surpasses most other surfaces in the market, with accurate ball bounce, ball roll slide factors make the surface the perfect companion to both training and official match scenarios.

The Rhino-Turf artificial football turf system is designed with top-tier football in mind, developed by the world’s leading turf engineers and designed specifically to accomplish key football performance objectives. The Rhino-Turf system is the joint accomplishment between designers and manufacturers all with over 30 years experience in the artificial turf industry. 

In order to ensure that a new pitch meets performance requirements and fulfils all expectations Rhino-Turf is sold as a system, this system includes the shock pad, the turf and installation supervision. 

The System Accomplishes

Product Details

A unique root zone layer integrated into the pile is part of Rhino-Turf VT range that makes the turf range truly stand out from other turfs in the market. It not only provides a more stable bounce and roll from the system but also cleverly helps keep the top infill layer from infill splash when in use, this means the surface maintains a consistent ball game and requires less maintenance in order to be an effective playing surface.

Pile Height

The best performing pile height for professional football is 40 mm, with a shock pad or e-layer below the grass. A 40mm synthetic turf provides the best characteristics to match the feel and performance of a natural grass pitch.

Root Zone

A unique root zone layer is integrated into the pile construction of our VT products. This root zone makes our VT turf range truly stand out from other products on the market. The root zone layer not only provides a more stable bounce and roll but also helps to keep the top infill layer from dispersing.

Yarn Quality

Rhino-Turf systems are manufactured using the finest yarns available. We design out yarns with the perfect shape and texture in order to create a product that looks and feel as close to natural turf as possible. Our Yarns are UV treated and extremely resilient.


sing the correct infill in the correct proportions is imperative in achieving accurate ball bounce and roll as well as player safety and welfare.


The D-tex of our yarns is extremely high ensuring that our synthetic grass products are incredibly durable and will, under normal conditions, outlast the warranty periods.

High performance International Football compliant surfaces for schools, sports centres and professional football clubs.

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