TechzoneRhino-Turf TECHZONE - The Ultimate Sports Training Area

The RHINO Tech Zone incorporates the highest quality training equipment available.

Rugby pitches are amongst the most hard worked sports surfaces in the world due to the demanding nature of training and playing the game at all levels, from grass roots through to professional and international sides.

After many years of development and listening to coach, player and club feedback RHINO has created a simple and effective training area that incorporates the highest quality world leading RHINO technical training equipment with a fully functional 3G surface and shockpad designed to enable 24/7 usage and take the wear and tear away from every club’s  groundsman’s prized natural grass ‘first team pitch’.

What is Techzone ?

RHINO TECHZONE is a complete year round rugby training facility, designed specifically with player performance and club values in mind ...

Equipment & Balls

RHINO is the world leading supplier of technical training equipment for rugby – Official Supplier in this product category to three consecutive ...

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