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Tested & Approved

Testing is an essential step in the construct-on of a newly built pitch. A final test certificate signs off the field and gives our clients peace of mind that their new surface is installed to the highest standards and is safe for the players.

Testing a pitch guarantees a quality installation as well as assuring the owner that the surface is safe and will meet the expected life span. At Rhino-Turf we continually strive, alongside our clients, to create the finest synthetic playing surfaces in the world so it makes sense for our clients to receive the final certificate illustrating that their pitch has been installed as they requested and is safe for their players.

We work with the world’s leading independent test houses all over the globe. The chosen test house will send a field test technician out to the pitch to conduct the testing and certification process.

An official field tests ensures that the installed surface conforms to the desired requirements and initial brief from the client.

Service Advantages

Official pitch requirements

Not only is testing important for the client to know that the field is in perfect condition but it can also be a legal requirement. All sports played at top level on artificial surfaces have very detailed guidelines on the turf used, the base construction, the shock pad and the installation specification. Unless these pitches are certified these pitches cannot be used for professional matches. These sports include:

Football – The Fédération Internationale de Football Association

Rugby – For safety reason synthetic rugby pitches can not be used unless they are certified to World Rugby Standards. This applies to every level of the sport from Juniors players up to professional.

Hockey – International Hockey Federation

Tennis – International Tennis Federation


Please contact us for further information on the certification process and requirements.