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Many synthetic turf pitches are built with a focus on one or possibly two sports, this is usually rugby, football or hockey. Deciding which turf to use becomes a challenge when more than one sport is played on a artificial Multi Sports Pitch as certain sports are not compatible on the same length of grass, yet performance is still required.

Rhino turf multi-sports surfaces are designed with schools and community play areas in mind. Multi Use Games Areas (also known as MUGAs) are perfect for these facilities as they generally need to cater to more than two sports.

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Our multi-sports surfaces have beed developed to meet different sporting combinations, normally football, hockey, tennis, basketball as well as achieve the expected global standards.

First and foremost we try to understand what sports are required from a particular surface and facility. We then ascertain which sport takes preference and focus on delivering the best we can, understanding that the second and often third sports need careful consideration as well. In order to differentiate between the sports we mark the pitches or courts using a variety of colours.


High performance internationally compliant surfaces for schools and sports centres.

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