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Performance Shockpads

The use of a resilient layer underneath a surface assists in the performance and durability of the system. For example to meet safety requirements in rugby high quality shock pads are used. Achieving the correct balance between shock absorption and energy sapping is a pre-requisite only accomplished by high performance systems.

In football the addition of a pad will keep the top surface performing better for longer. Combining football and rugby into OneTurf requires a 60mm pile height with a performance base beneath, but without rugby the pile height can drop to 40mm pile height.

Safety Advantages


In reality synthetic turf is not right for every club and should only be considered when:

  • High quality natural turf cannot be sustained.
  • Extra revenue can be earned from hiring out a stadium.
  • Commitment to the community demands more use of a facility.

Nearly every footballer will have played at some point on synthetic turf, whilst more and more League and Union rugby players have experience on 3G surfaces. The eventual acceptance of synthetic turf in the professional game is just around the corner.


At Rhino-Turf we have systems tested with a variety of shock pads.